When someone displays themselves in a crazy/silly manner verbally or by appearance.
I told my girl she was a 'hot mess' after she referred to the older gray-haired woman on the dancefloor as "Old-Pu$$y."
by MartiniGirl June 2, 2005
really bad trouble; awful mess
We are in a hot mess in Iraq.
by bearian February 12, 2007
Referring to any sexual activity in which the actions are getting to be of a perverse nature. Can be used spefically to describe male ejaculate or releasing of bodily fluids.
That girl was such a skeeze, I had to bust a hot mess all over her face.

I left a hot mess on her chest and then rolled around in it (Cleveland Steamer).
by Squad September 6, 2005
A girl who needs some serious help. A broke-ass chick.
That Stephanie be a hot mess all the damn time!
by Jillilicious September 22, 2006
1) a dramatically serious/complicated situation
2) a person who has a tendency for displaying histrionics and for being involved in serious/complicated situations
3) a person, typically female, who is knowingly sexually provocative in order to get attention

The term apparently derives from a reference to recently defecated feces.
1) That argument they had the other day was more than a blow up, it was a hot mess.
2) Didn't I tell you that Paula Abdul was a hot mess before she jumped ship from American Idle?!
3) Britney Spears--she's just a straight up hot mess.
by Bencaith September 8, 2009
This word means someone who looks dirty, or they stank. Hair is not done, clothes are dirty, teeth aint brushed,etc. This word can also mean someone who thinks that they look good, but they dont.
C.E.O. "Oh wee, there goes Big Bertha with all them tight-ass clothes on. She's got some nerve, thinkin' she looking all good with all them stomachs hangin' out!"

Billy: " Shit,that's yo girl over there, looking a hot mess!!

C.E.O. " She took all that time in the mirror, thinkin she da shit, she aint nothing but a hot mess!"
by C.E.O. December 2, 2006
someone who would by no other means be sexy but for some odd reason is. Most likely due to their disregard for self, or humor, or just kuz they're dumbasses
Wow, that adam brody is a hotmess.
by tippimeister February 28, 2005