Horsmaning, or fake beheading, was reportedly a popular way to pose in a photograph in the 1920′s. Sometimes spelled horsmaning, the horsmaning photo fad derives its name from the Headless Horseman, an evil character from “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” According to internet legend, the “original” horsmaning photo on the left was found at a local flea market. Soon after its discovery, a series of horsemaning photos began trending on sites like Buzzfeed and people got inspired to recreate the horseman. Horsmaning is experiencing currently a revival and is best known as a new form of planking, owling or cone-ing.
Horsemanning, or fake beheading, was reportedly a popular way to pose in a photograph in the 1920′s.
by Marco29 August 15, 2011
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The act of creating an optical illusion (usually in a photo) in which a person appears to be beheaded and holding their own head, when in reality there are actually two people in the photo.

The illusion requires two participants. The most common method involves one person laying on their back with their head flopped over the edge of a bed or platform so as to hide it from view, while the other person lays on the other side of the platform in such a manner that everything but their head is out of view. The first person then grabs on to the second person's head, and if done correctly will look like one person is laying down holding their own head.
My friend and I took a horsemaning pic today, check it out it's awesome!
by SilentKoala August 11, 2011
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In New Zealand Hip Hop, a Horseman is an individual who is capable of consuming extremely large quantities of alcohol.
"There's no drink limits,
And no-one to enforce it
We don't take little sips
We fuckin' horse it."
by aotearawstyle June 5, 2005
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1. A mythical beast who is half-man, half-horse, and prone to kleptomania. One may only hear the clattering of hooves and see the swishing of his tail around a corner before you realize that your stuff is gone.

2. A term of exasperation used when something goes awry.
1. Where's my ipod? (clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop), (swish). Oh goddamnit! Horseman took it.

2. If you knock over your beer on the table, not only wasting your beer but getting the table wet as well, and forcing you to go get a towell to clean it up while being ridiculed by your peers, you might be prone to yell out.... HORSEMAN!
by walrusjuice January 10, 2007
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The best animated show ever. Starring with Will Arnett playing the main character the Bojack Horseman, a selfish horse with drug addict and alcohol problems and dark sense of humor with total apathy to other people. The show pretty much shows how he ruins everything because of his self destructive character and because he is a celebrity he can get away with it. The show also focuses on how deeply fake Hollywood is and makes a satire on celebrities while also focusing on such issues as depression and self expression.
Person1: Have you seen Bojack Horseman?

Person2: Yeah! It's the best show ever!
by Dr.Notafraidofapples April 2, 2020
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Old cringey Song by J. Grimes that sounds as good as homework on a Friday night

j grimes probably should’ve taken the time to make a better song than release his latest ego stroking song about nothing, only good part is the beat

Bojack horseman by J Grimes (junior grimes)
Lyrics: “I got bitches on my grind yeah I don’t miiind a biiiitt”

“I pre-tjffitnfkfskfjskd” the rest is hot garbage

J. Grimes lacks the authenticity or seriousness to be a rapper or singer for that matter, any song J. Grimes drops is further proof of that

Bojack Horseman is a strangely below average trash song
by Hmmmmm, nah April 15, 2022
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