End of Watch. A police term used in filing reports to signify the end of their shift.

Also commonly used to signify the date of when an officer was killed in the line of duty.
RIP, Sgt. John Doe. EOW: 4-13-2013
by JS Wright April 13, 2013
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Can I have those edits by EOW?
by The Der August 2, 2005
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Often used in party situations. It generally means END OF THE WORLD
We are going to party like it's the EOW
by Miguel77 March 11, 2008
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acronym for End of the Weak, an indie hip-hop company based in NYC with branches in UK, Germany, France & Spain.

-Yo I copped this ill CD at the EOW show.
-Who's CD?
-Its an EOW CD, homie.. those cats kill it!
by Sted Ruckus December 6, 2006
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Danish Term, used in Denmark by people with other backgrounds/Nationalities
The word means "HEY" or a kind of listen to me.
It can also be used as a way to call people.
*Daniels Walking Away*

another example

Sandra: I think youre stupid Daniel
Daniel: EOW Don´t talk like that
by NowYouKnow1899 January 18, 2019
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A form of "hey" or "ey" often used in an aggressive tone, pronounced "æo" dont know what "æ" sounds like? too bad look it up.
Sebastian is playing geometry dash, and misses the coin he was trying to get.
"eow you missed the coin dumbass" you say.
"shut up" sebastian says
by the cum monster master June 17, 2021
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Steet-slang. Greeting. A way to get someone's attention. Has a wide variety of uses.
"Eow! What's up!" "Eow! Don't act dumb!" "Eow! Fuck off!"
by Esteban Winsless June 8, 2016
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