The feeling you get before you decide to beat off. Usually with following up to the beating of the dick unless there are people around in which case the horn increases until you can't take it anymore.
Bob-" Hey man what's with you? Your face looks all weird."

Lil JJ-" Yo I'm in the horn right now son. I think i need to use yo computer for about 15-20 min."
by The Chree March 26, 2007
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Slang term for a penis
Used as a humorous substitute to the usual names for the male genitalia.
Woah, keep your hands off my horn.
by tom weaver May 7, 2012
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1. An erection (see also "horny")

2. A musical instrument through which air is blown, horn being a term commonly used amongst jazz musicians

3. A bong, 'horn' possibly originating from the term "The Mystery Horn".
1. I woke up with a massive horn

2. Bring your horn and we'll have a blow

3. Pass me the horn
by psmv80 December 8, 2009
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When a man, who is in heat or horny will grow a hornboner in his approprate area, and will be unable to prevent his body from charging in. this usually occurs when the subject in question has not had relations with a woman in quite some time.
*man standing by bar, woman leans over bar, and her cleavage is in his direct field of vision, he gets the urge or horned to put the moves on her and any other woman he can until his urge is satisfied*
by Keishan R May 15, 2008
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when a man gets extremely aroused by a female, usually one with dirty great beef curtains, who likes to be alabhama hotpocketed.
"daves mum gives me the horn, her tangy twat makes me soo hott"

by paul mckenna March 11, 2008
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when ya feel frisky and 'up for it'
'oooh jonny depp gives me the horn'
by spider September 20, 2003
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When a girl is playing you just for the fun of it; usually associated with the appearance of pimples on the face. Often happens at parties, or other similar events where you would find many females. Pretty girls are the most likely to give you"horn"
(n) Pimples or other blemishes on the face that are often a result of stressing over a girl that doesn't like you back.
" You can't see that's she's horning you, it's obvious to the rest of us"
"Who are you stressing over this time, and don't lie, I can see the horn on your face.
by Horn God January 19, 2018
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