to have sex. "horizontal" as in lying down, having sex, but doesn't necessarily mean having sex when lying down.
by thenico March 09, 2009
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an object or line that is ;

1) on its side
2) on its back
Person 1: "hey do you know how i remember the word horizontal?"
Person 2: "No, how?"
Person 1: "Because whores are always on their back"
by swaggafied3 December 05, 2011
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The state assumed by some people for up to 15-20 hours a day. It is the opposite of being vertical and consists of sleeping, laying down, general inactivity and lack of motivation to do anything.
"Man I just gotta get horizontal." - Trevan
by Coconut Tentacle Monster December 08, 2018
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to be passed out...usually frum drinking but jus plain asleep can qualify also
"I drank so much saturday night, i was totally horizontal all day sunday."
by juss_peachie January 16, 2006
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1. Being in a horizontal and vertical state.

2. Another way to say Diagonal or if you have a speech impediment that makes you combine words.
He swung his sword around horizonticaly above his head.

I scored in Connect four Horizonticaly
by Toasty1 October 11, 2009
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Usually occurs during a bout of food-poisoning or a night on the beers which can lead to severe pains and abnormalities relating to excretion. Upon going to the toilet for a dump, rather than fall vertically from your backside it will spray, or release horizontally. Called 'doing a horizontal'.
"You might want to be careful when using the toilet, I've just been for a horizontal"
by murtin November 30, 2006
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