1. Being in a horizontal and vertical state.

2. Another way to say Diagonal or if you have a speech impediment that makes you combine words.
He swung his sword around horizonticaly above his head.

I scored in Connect four Horizonticaly
by Toasty1 October 12, 2009
The new word for horizontal when creating cross-sections.
When slicing the rectangular prism with a horizontical slice, identify the shape of the cross-section
by MsD7thMath May 15, 2019
Whilst out on the beer I tripped on an inanimate object and landed in a horizontical heap
by & Everythin August 28, 2007
Sleeping or lying down
Gosh i'm so tired I really wanna be horizontal right now!
by FREAK303 June 27, 2011
to have sex. "horizontal" as in lying down, having sex, but doesn't necessarily mean having sex when lying down.
by thenico March 9, 2009
an object or line that is ;

1) on its side
2) on its back
Person 1: "hey do you know how i remember the word horizontal?"
Person 2: "No, how?"
Person 1: "Because whores are always on their back"
by swaggafied3 December 6, 2011