A car that goes " hooptie, hooptie, hooptie" when you turn! Other essential requirements for a suburban hooptie (a cousin to the urban hooptie) are rust deposits making it appear that the car is camoflagued, stale cigarette smell and 12 year olds butts in the ashtrays, and finally the suburban hooptie must ride down the rode as though it were a boat.
"Mom do you have to pick me up at school in that hooptie? Can't you park in the parking lot behind the Hummer and let me walk up to the door?"
by Anonymous April 19, 2003
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To ride
to be given a ride
to drive
Yo Bob, gangsta Billy needs you to hooptie him over to the bonnie

I'm gonna hooptie my ass over there in a couple minutes

Yo, can you give me a hooptie to the liquor store?
by H to the O-S-S March 27, 2004
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There is a girl in Beaver County, PA that doesn't brush her teeth every day and she doesn't have health insurance or the internet. She drives a beat 89 cavalier and she is allways in faded jeans, sneakers and a hoody. I cant resist her cause i know i can get her. And she looks sooo good in a certain way. Please help me with this one guys, I know you know her...
"Aww dude check her out... look at that ass. Maybe she'd be into me if i put a new cd player in her car." Says Aaron. "Naww dude, shes a hooptie. Why dont you call that Brittany girl back?" Replied Diesel.
by HoopyLove November 29, 2004
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A New York City bicycle that wears out your sneakers every time you have to stop with at least one part dangling off the bicycle
A Huffy or Murray mountain bike with three broken spokes and the shift lever unattached
by halifax November 13, 2003
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