Mad in a cute or funny way.
Cidney- Stop tickling me nowwww!
John- Awh dont be so huffy
by Basicallytruegirl July 23, 2015
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A huffy is when you shove your head up a butthole and sing opera.
"I was so deep into that huffy."
by T_swizzle December 22, 2013
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They make good bikes, Get the job done.
Out lookin' for some pussy on my Huffy.
by White Vato August 16, 2006
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An unsatisfying and unenjoyable, yet ultimately successful, blowjob.

Like the crappy bicycle of the same name, it gets the job done but that doesn't mean you enjoy it while it happens.
"Yeah I guess I had a good time on my date the other night, the girl was nice but she gave me a total huffy."
by blaupow October 29, 2008
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When a guy pumps air into his pee hole with bicycle tire pump and then spurts the air back out in the girls face.
Da bitch went down on me and I gave her a huffy.
by Mikey Ma;lskdjgadhgjfkdsssss February 28, 2008
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A brand of cheapo bikes sold in department stores such as Walmart. They usually are supposed to look like mountain bikes, but are not strong or light enough to actually tolerate such use, and are rarely ridden off street. They are usually extremely heavy. I do not know of one under 35 pounds.

Some of them do have decent components and function ok. The shifting is usually good. They tend to be more reliable than other department store brands. They are definitely not serious bikes, though. If you have one that you ride to work, class, etc., then you will think cycling is slow and laborious and will give it up. Spend the same amount you bought the Huffy for new and buy a used road bike on craigslist. It will make a world of difference.

They do make good presents for kids. They are nice-looking and have lots of fancy stuff on them and more gears than you can use. Not for anyone over the age of 12, though.
Soccer mom: "I got our son a bike for his birthday. It was a huffy and it's so cool!"

Dad: "It's a good thing he hasn't acquired a taste for real bikes yet."
by spinningtabletop January 31, 2009
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A term used to describe predatory behavior exerted by a person (typically male) over the age of 40, often engaging with people half their age or even younger, making everyone uncomfortable in the process.
You're making a huffie out of the situation, my guy

Dude, stop being a huffie!
by IndependedResearch420 October 25, 2022
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