a word that is used to scream at the top of your lungs when quoting lines from Spongebob Square Pants; until you get hit in the head by a brick!
by kai-lan April 8, 2009
Commotion, disturbance, hype, excited talk or gossip.
What's all the hooplah about?
by The Keeper of the Cheese October 18, 2003
false. full of crap. a bunch of baloney.
Oh that's a bunch of hooplah. (again, best said with a gay twang)
by Ryan March 8, 2003
A sexually transmited disease which causes people to spontaniously combust.
Oh my god, I think that hooker gave me the hooplah!
by Rohde March 27, 2005
Once termed as a phrase from Spongebob.
Truely is a verb meaning "To fuck shit up my nigga".
Stephen pintauro coined it in while sticking his penis up Geri Waskevish's goochie.
Stephen: HOOplahhhh!! (as Mrs Mac fingers herself to saying LOGGARITHM to the sneezers in ALgebra 2)
by Michaela Sheets February 5, 2010
the sound poop would make were it to come out of your mouth
HOOOOOPLAAAAHH (best said with a gay twang)
by Ryan March 8, 2003
a gesture made when trying to annoy a couple making out in a pool by jumping over them and yelling hooplah!
dude i was making out in a pool and some dick hooplah'd me
by hooplah lover July 24, 2009