Detrimentally expending one's income on luxury goods while negating necessities.
To gain the adulation of his boys, hood rich Hubert purchased rims for his tricked out automobile instead of groceries.
by Herald Weiss April 1, 2011
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When someone's income is either illegal, or they just have more money than others in their neighbor "hood". They can afford a luxury lifestyle, but have a hood life mentality.
i.e... Big Time Drug Dealers

Hood rich is not living on welfare or having low income or not having your own. If that was the case it wouldn't be called hood "rich".

You can afford an upscale lifestyle, but don't have the legitimates to completely live the lifestyle
by Brown_beauty September 29, 2014
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a person with extravagent luxuries that they clearly cannot afford and they live in the hood or have a hood lifestyle
hood rich is a person living in the projects on his mommas welfare check and aint got no job but outside you can see his escalade sittin on dubs and hes always wearing a fresh pair of jordans when they cant even afford the gas for the truck
by Big tigga September 13, 2005
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gator boots with the pimped out Gucci suits , aint got no job , but I STAY FLY- cant pay my rent all my money spent but thats ok cause im still FLY

got everythang in my moma name but thats ok cause i stay sharp
have you ever seen the crocodile seats in the truck? turn it round , sit it down and let em BITE YOUR BUTT , see the steering wheel is fendi dash board armani WITH your baby moma NIGGA WHERE you can find me
by cookies February 25, 2005
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A status where someone makes money, even a lot of money, but because it is derived from illegal activity, the person can't use it as a normal person would (i.e., can't use the income for a mortgage, can't put it in bank accounts etc.
Mike has a million dollars, but he is only hood rich, so he has to stack the cash in the closet.
by topfloor233 April 23, 2022
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Anyone that lives in any neighborhood, and portrays themselves has having more money than they really do is "hood rich". You do not have to live in "da hood" in order to be hood rich. There are a lot of people that live in beautiful homes in the suburbs and they really cannot afford their home. I work in the mortgage industry, and I talk with these customers everyday. There are so many people with homes in bankruptcy and foreclosure. These people are finding themselves back were they started in "da hood" or back on the bus stop. It's about starting small and then growing big. Leave the bling to the celebrities.
If you live in the hood with your parents, have a college degree, work a full-time job,drive a new car, your child attends a private school,you have some money in the bank, but cannot afford a nice home with your income in a low crime neighborhood,then you are hood rich.
by Amica September 14, 2007
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Hood Rich Is Where A Person That Lives In A "Lower" Society Has Lots Of Flashy Expensive Things That Most People Of That Class Only Dream Of But Still Aint "Made It". Can Also Be Someone Who Has Lots Of Things Only Rich People Have But Are Not Techniqually "Rich".
For Example: If You Hood Rich Then You Live In The Hood But Got A Ride Sittin On Rims That Cost More Than The Car Or Gotta New Escalade/Charger On 24's Or More But Use Most/All Their Money To Pay For It.
by 863Jaime863 December 6, 2007
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