Slang for a white person. The word 'honky' is considered offensive.
'Honky' is just as vulgar as the n-word and should not be used by anyone.
by Mr. X-106 October 02, 2003
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Either a term for a white person as used by a black person, or someone from Hong Kong.

Personally as a white girl I would not be offended if someone called me a honky, because it's way too funny-sounding to be offensive.
One of my little brother's random black friends: You stupid honky bitch!

Me: Lol
by purplefeltangel March 10, 2006
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Andrew: Quit being so black, RJ.
RJ: Shut up, Honky!
by Andrew September 01, 2004
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A white person who is often silly, stupid, backwards or not becoming of white culture & class in general. Usually individuals of the back country persuasion - i.e. Gun slinging, racist, totalitarian hillbillies with banjo's and thier sisters daughter for a wife.
by Enzo Andretti October 05, 2005
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ofted used by asians refering to hong kong people.
A : Hey, he cant speak english?
B : Nah, he's a honky.
by faith13 August 22, 2007
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(chiefly used by asian Australians)

(noun) a person from Hong Kong, or of Hong Kong descent.

Not derogatory; sometimes friendly, but usually purely descriptive.

Probably an abbreviation for Hong Konger.

Bear in mind that putting the subfix -ese after the word "Hong Kong" is not a proper usuage. The South China Morning Post (SCMP), an English newspaper in Hong Kong, use the term Hong Konger. Others simply refer to Hong Kong citizens.
The honky in black's got the stuff!

That honky guy sure pulls the chicks!

Some prick at the cafe slipped me a honky dollar. (Honk Kong dollar coins are the same colour and a similar size to Australian dollar coins.)
by Jack Cheung April 13, 2005
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