1. Like the (n-word) but for (white) people
2. Not as bad as the n-word because white people wernt inslaved
3. Can be short formed to (honker),(honka) and (honk)
John: whats up my (honka)
Smith: nothing much my (honky)
by Thehonkykiller February 20, 2020
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Honkies is a term used for Mechanics

And can be referenced to be a Middle Eastern Asian who sucks cock
I saw some of the Honkies today they looked very focused
I thought I saw a honky
by Smash Ash March 12, 2020
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A sarcastic white girl who is genuine but a little crazy. She is both unfocused and determined. She has a sense of humor but sometimes takes things to seriously. An overthinker and undersppreciated.
That honky is cray cray.
via giphy
by #craycrayjb90 September 14, 2020
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The best technique for acquiring a rimjob, get a girl to suck on your balls, and then just lean back. First she'll slowly tickle your grundle as the tongue rolls from the bottom of your sack towards your glory hole. No girl can resist that white country trash cornhole staring at her when you have leaned back to the proper angle. Name derived specifically from the dirty honkies from Tomales, CA.
guy 1: I asked a girl to lick my ass, and she walked out on me.

guy 2: No, dude, you gotta give the the Honky.

guy 1: What's that?

guy 2: Just lean back!

guy 1: Oh, shit, I'm gonna go get MAD rimjobs now!
by Humptydumptyrock April 22, 2008
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