The precarious state that someone often finds themselves late in the night
Um. Please do? I’d be honkered.
by Vileyonderboy October 23, 2019
The combination between the white redneck honkies that believe in inbreeding and the white crackers that don't.
That guy ain't a cracker or a honky, he's a honker!
by Reginald Coppersnatch July 21, 2018
Someone who honks her horn at someone at the same time someone closes or opens a door, just so someone can have time powers and scare the locals.
Girl 1: "I don't know who the Honker is?"
Girl 2: "The Honker?"
Girl 1: "I'm scared to close my door, let alone open it."
Girl 2: "I hope not."
by Blakeintown January 30, 2015
A rare word used instead of tiddies or breasts, commonly describing male breasts or moobs.
dAyUm , He got some juicy honkers!!

My good friend , may you enlighten me with the knowledge on how you contain your magnificent honkers within the confines of your bra?
by s_a_m_m_0 February 20, 2019
variant of honkey, honky, and honkie

used as a term of endearment amongst whites
Hey honker, I am still awake because my homework isn't done.
by Stefanie November 8, 2004