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The man, or woman?, who collects sewage with a truck designed to empty your septic tank. This type of truck is often called a honey wagon.
" Ewwww! who is the stinky guy in the dirty coveralls?"

"Yuck! He smells so bad, he must be a honey dipper."
by Easter Rabbit September 03, 2007
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1. honeydipper

A tanker truck driver that sucks up the waste matter from porta-potties and other sources.
Dude close the window the honeydipper is pumping your genetic pool.
by Frankie February 15, 2005
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A person who cleans outhouses.
Applied sarcastically before indoor plumbing hit the fan.
So I hear your father got a medal for his war efforts.Was it the gold or silver toilet paper wreath for outstanding honeydipping?
by terry shea February 16, 2005
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1-Persons responsible for cleaning cesspools.

2-Slang for shit removers.
1-The honey dippers are due here today to clean our cesspool.

2-Better call for the honey dippers, the cesspool's overflowing.
by Alisa the Teeny Bopper April 17, 2010
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a man who sleeps with lots of women, and who women find to be good in bed;
a man who "dips" into a lot of "honeys" and keeps them moist in the right places.
she told me the guy she went home with from the club last night was a real honeydipper.
by Moonrayz2 June 30, 2013
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One who enjoys intercourse with a woman while his nuts are shoved inside her anal cavity. After he cums inside her, he proceeds to dip his shit-covered nuts into her mouth. see tea bag
Carl: Dude, look at Jims saggy nuts over there, he has to be a honey dipper.
Frank: I know! I was staring at his balls yesterday and there was crusty dump all over them.
by B-dizzog April 28, 2005
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