A wonderfully fuel efficent car that is commonly modified by teenagers who have no idea as to what a Civic was built for, with its 31/38mpg (2005 EX 5spd MT), room for five, understated styling and a fair amount of get up and go (for a commuter) it makes a perfect commuter car.
My old '88 Honda Civic had 385,000 miles on the original engine before I broke down and purchased an 05
by aeon flux November 03, 2005
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a reasonably priced economy car designed for excellent reliability and fuel efficiency.
these vehicles are often riced out by adding obnoxious subwoofers, rims, neon, tint, and fartcans
the term can also be used in conjunction with any other model of vehicle from any other manufacturer to describe the excessive ricing of that vehicle, especially american vehicles that should never be riced.
Damn look at that thing, huge ass wing, clear taillights, neon, ugly tint, big subs, and fartcans, that thing is just a regular honda civic mustang.
by Peetiewonder April 22, 2007
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A car nobody wanted untill after fast and the furious came out. The car itself is a poser, It is the easiest car to find aftermarket parts for, but no matter what you do to it, it wont be fast, and it will still be a honda civic. Granny car. Rich white guy toy race car.
Hey yo, im about to get me a sweet honda civic Si, and im gonna put rims and some gook pipe on it, I'm captain original!!
by Hassell April 21, 2005
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Car that way too many people think is fast.... but really is a big pile of shit. Don't get me wrong... I like Japanese cars.... Civics are just big piles of shit.
I have ran 5 Civics since I bought my car, and beat the shit out of every one of them. Good thing they had those loud ass mufflers :). Come back when you have a motor that will keep up with my stock 4-banga.
by SORRYCIVICS January 06, 2004
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Cars that stupid kids like to modify and also like to think that they look 'pimp'. BS, jap cars are weak and cheap by nature, which is good on the financial side. No matter what you do, the only attention you will get is from the police.

These idiots make insurance soar for young people like me.

You want to grow up? Buy a damn BMW or the like.
Hey man, check out my new Garett in my civic. I'm gonna race every person on the street that overtakes me.
by A guy with class March 24, 2004
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