Without a doubt the shittiest car known to man.
Lynyrd: Hey is that a Honda Civic?
Skynyrd: Yeah man.
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by DearGodWhy April 09, 2017
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A car that is very dependable and obtains great gas mileage. Invest approximately $2-3000 on a turbo kit and it will obliterate cars that cost 10x as much. Known for hurting feeling and the drivers usually carry a box of tissues for victims.
Wtf, how did that honda civic just beat me in my v8. I'll just tell everyone I wasn't flooring it.
by Just for fidel December 25, 2016
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A reliable, reasonably priced 4-cyl Japanese car often purchased by commuters to get from point A to point B... and effeminate douchebag twenty somethings who buy the car for $4,000 and dump $20,000 of their KFC and Taco Bell money into turbos, spoilers, subwoofers, low profile rims that stick out, HID light bulbs and other crap off eBay and Walmart to street race against obvious cars on the street that apparently dissed them a few lights back. Effeminate Civic moderate are often named Cory, Hunter, and Cooper.
Brody: OMG guys did you see that fully sick lowered Honda Civic drifting around the school yesterday? I swear I nearly creamed my pants when the BLV went off.

Kyle: The purple one? I know, right? That's Cory's ride. I mean could that thing be any lower to the ground? And that rear spoiler just finishes it all off. I heard he beat off a Camaro at the lights near Dairy Queen because the guy rolled his eyes at him.

D-Grip: yeah those guys in their V8s think they're the shit. They just don't know what a Civic can do til it hits 'em. Boom!

Yeah, they just don't know! (Everybody fist bumps and adjusts their Ed Hardy trucker caps)
by Cory Cooper February 24, 2016
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A honda civic is a user on reddit that always points out mobile users every time he has the chance. When somebody says "r/" but with a capital, 'R" honda civics point them out and post them on r/foundthemobileuser.
Redditor 1: "R/Woooosh"
Redditor 2: r/foundthemobileuser
Redditor 3: "Found the honda civic"
by Spoonks May 11, 2020
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