A downmarket alternative to a lawn mower, with less power and style.
After investing some $20000 in modifications, I shaved two seconds off my Civic's 30 second 0-60 time!
by superiormind June 22, 2005
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The ultimate rice rocket, driven mainly by Asians (the ones that spell it azn in a lame attempt to be hardcore), and goofy white tool bags that have to resort to this lowest of means in a last ditch effort to get middle school girls to like them, only to be arrested for statutory a few months later. Often tricked out with various accessories to make the car loud so that the driver will be noticed by the opposite sex for once in his sad, pathetic life. In short, it's a riced out piece of shit.
Honda Civics are like tampons...every pussy's got one.
by Nick D July 28, 2004
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Honda Civic's are an amazing car IF you do it right and put your money into the engine. Seriously.. When you put a body kit and a Spoiler on a completely stock civic you have some serious issues. Stock Civics ARE NOT for racing. They have good overall performance for GETTING AROUND not trying to race the farrari down the street. Seriously.. engine, and PLEASE NO Fart cans.. annoying as HELL.
Guy 1 : Yo man i got 21" Spinners and decals all over my Honda Civic.

Guy 2 : Where'd you buy them?

Guy 1 : Walmart

Guy 2 : ... gtfo of my house now.
by Gbaytuner January 15, 2011
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a car usually owned by a douche-y guy who is ironically over-obsessed with his POS car. may also be owned by a bear.
Eww... That guy drives a Honda Civic. Let's key it!!!
by Kristal Conrad March 30, 2009
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Car that way too many people think is fast.... but really is a big pile of shit. Don't get me wrong... I like Japanese cars.... Civics are just big piles of shit.
I have ran 5 Civics since I bought my car, and beat the shit out of every one of them. Good thing they had those loud ass mufflers :). Come back when you have a motor that will keep up with my stock 4-banga.
by SORRYCIVICS January 06, 2004
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Misunderstood car bought by way too many young kids that think they are fast. Often times built up very shitty which causes for many people to never even concider research to find out the true potential of the Honda Civic.

DOCH Vtec= NOT AS GAY (if modifications are done corectly)
Man did you see that lil D17 civic try to race that V8, what does he think he's running a B series in that thing?

Dumbass's should stick to there V8's and stop tryin to make a 4 cylander fst
by TyDIz December 04, 2004
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