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A wack ass rapper from no damn where who makes ignorant ass jungle music that simply backs up my man Nas when he said Hip hop is dead. MIMS has recieved instant fame because of his wack ass, busted ass, sorry ass, punk ass, bitch ass, faggot ass, gay ass, stupid ass, retarded ass, ignorant ass, fake ass, no brain havin ass, sorry ass sounds that have been packaged and distributed disguised as music.

His music is played by 16 year old white girls in their Convertable Bugs and honda civics in their high school parking lots so that they can appear "gangster" by listening to some watered down no skill havin negro who disgraces the rest of the black community more than the Jerry Curl.
MIMS: I could make a mil sayin nothin on the track

MIMS is the only rapper with a vocabulary smaller than that of Mike Jones or Lil John
by Peetiewonder May 15, 2007
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A goggle dropper is a special kind of butterface or girl who is paper bag pretty who is very attractive while wearing big glasses, however upon removal of said glasses instantaneously loses many points on any scale of beauty.
guy 1: Damn look at that dime piece over there with the glasses.
guy 2: Uh... wait til she takes em off, she's a real goggle dropper.
by Peetiewonder December 12, 2008
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this word is often used to describe a large quantity of some item particulary cash. The word however was ruined when MIMS (who by the way loves to ride the bolonga pony) in his wack ass song "This is Why I'm Hot" rhymed the word with drop in reference to a drop top. MIMS has the This term is used mainly by homosexuals who enjoy a gwaup in their mouth.
This is why I’m hot
Shorty see the drop
Ask me what I paid and I say yeah I paid a gwaup
And then I hit the switch that take away the top
So chicks around the way they call me cream of the crop
by Peetiewonder May 15, 2007
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a reasonably priced economy car designed for excellent reliability and fuel efficiency.
these vehicles are often riced out by adding obnoxious subwoofers, rims, neon, tint, and fartcans
the term can also be used in conjunction with any other model of vehicle from any other manufacturer to describe the excessive ricing of that vehicle, especially american vehicles that should never be riced.
Damn look at that thing, huge ass wing, clear taillights, neon, ugly tint, big subs, and fartcans, that thing is just a regular honda civic mustang.
by Peetiewonder April 22, 2007
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A salt tablet is a cure-all, mainly in men's sports. No matter what a man's injury, a salt tablet is one of three options available to a man to cure this injury.
1. Take a salt tablet
2. Rub dirt on it
3. Tape an aspirin to it
Player: Coach i think i broke my leg!
Coach: Take a salt tablet and get back in there!
by Peetiewonder February 5, 2007
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A corny line theoretically used to pick up women.
Most Interesting Man In the World (according to Dos Equis)

"Pickup lines - there is a time and a place fore that. The time is never. You can figure out the place."
by Peetiewonder April 24, 2009
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paperbag pretty is another term for a butterface.

The paperbag is used to induce beauty upon the face which is extremely lacking.
Guy 1: Damn son, you see that girl bangin body?
Guy 2: Yeah but look at her face, that girl is paper bag pretty.
by Peetiewonder December 11, 2008
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