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An ostenibly straight male that if observed solely by his electronically transmitted written word could be taken as gay.

Common in pvp video games and on the chat forums surrounding such games, the homotextual will claim to be straight and love women and women's bodies, but his every digital utterance is laced with aggressive homosexual inference.

Typically a psychological side effect of mommy not holding them as children and daddy thinking them weak for crying when they fell off their bike, these individuals spend the majority of their time attempting to assert dominance over the other males in a pack-like mode, via the only medium common to males between puberty and death, aggressive and overt sexual advance.
Tyranny Tard: lol i just fukken RAPED that guy. I totally fucked him in the ass. I was like, so you think yer hot shit, well let's duel and he totally sucked dick. I mean my cock was in his lungs i face-owned him so hard.

Cimmeria Player: like the boys then?

Tyranny Tard: Fuck you, asshole! I'm a reaL MAN! I get more pussy in a week than you'll see your whole life, fucking RP homo! Come suck my dick little rp faggot, let me fuck you in the ear!

Cimmeria like the boys then?

Tyranny Tard: No, son! I ain't queer like u.

Cimmeria Player: ...ah.

Tyranny Tard: What?

Cimmeria Player: You are a homotextual. But it's cool, I don't judge.
by Letsbreakit August 04, 2009
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a guy who text like a girl. frequently uses the slang like OMG, LOL, WTF in a text. girls find this unattractive and unmanly.

it also can be used to describe a guy who shortens words like, wat, dis, and dat. this is found to be anoying and lazy among girl.
I cant text nick for too long because he is so homo textual its sad
by noelle miller January 24, 2009
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Generally guys, but may also refer to girls in a non-negative connotative form, who are constantly texting others of the same sex in a nonchalant matter generally leading to nowhere.
Jr: Ayy man what are you doing?
Rolo: I'm texting Christian.
Jr: About what?
Rolo: I dk, i just felt like texting him
Jr: You're always texting other guys. You're such a homotextual!!!
by SortaTaken93 April 12, 2009
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(adj.) term used to describe a text message or texting interchange with a person of the same gender
"I heard texting was a great way to flirt with the ladies. Unfortunately most of my texts lately have been homotextual in nature."
by Mike Blanco March 24, 2008
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when a person (generally male) is on his phone all day texting and ignoring others around him.
Matt! Will you get off that damn phone and stop being such a homotextual!
by cBlunted May 01, 2008
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