Another trend on tiktok that is harmful to the trans and non binary community. Most of the kids following this are seventh graders in their alternative emo phase who shaved off their eyebrows and wear too much eyeliner. Grow up.
"Hey, what are your pronouns mine are they/them btw"
" My neopronouns are "kitten/kitten self, rot/rot self, BLM/BLMself, and I identify as a chipmunk"

*uses tiktok for 23 hours a day and spends the other hour venting about their faked mental illnesses*
by Khaiii December 30, 2022
A category of singular third-person pronouns that are not officially recognised in the language they are used to take place of commonly recognised ones.

These are most commonly used by people in the neurodivergent communities as well as within languages not set up with a neutral pronoun. An example of this being iel in French.

One of the first neopronouns to be used was Thon in 1858 - included in Websters English dictionary in 1934.
"What are examples of neopronouns?"

"Thon went to the store.

I met xem today.
Fae walked faer dog today"
by KaiArc February 14, 2022
Neopronouns are pronouns are pronouns used by people who are very attention seeking
"My neopronouns are xe/xem/xirs"
"You must really be begging for attention"
by person who defines January 10, 2022
Fucknut: my neopronouns are, eir/xem

father: by golly sheesh looks like we are out of milk
by SparrowThe2nd March 24, 2022
Neopronouns are pronouns that some people use. These are pronouns that arent he/him/his she/her/hers or they/them/theirs.

Fae/faer and xi/xir.
Fae went to the store to get faerself some milk.
Xi went to the store to get xirself some milk.

They use neopronouns.
by Tinyusesneopronouns September 4, 2020
Neopronouns are a category of new pronouns (created by some dumbass on TikTok) that are increasingly used in place of REAL pronouns (he/she/they) when referring to a person.


Neopronouns are NOT valid and will NEVER be
Max: hey Prudence! Can you tell me your pronouns?
Max: those are not valid pronouns. I'm just going to call you they/them
by max_smokes_nic69 December 29, 2022
Dumbasses who cant grasp the simplicity of simple gender of gay or straight so they make something entirely different to squeeze there way in the lgbtq communtiy keep in mind some may actually not be bad but most of it usually is
“Im a dreamsexual please dont refer to me as she/her its a type of Neopronouns”

“Your a fucking delusional idiot is what i would refer to you as”
by Dying is gay dude December 3, 2021