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1. French for "man"
2. A "gentleman's gentleman"
Oh my God Tony, you're such a wee homme.
by davecg December 09, 2003
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Pronounced hom-mess. A man that is said to be "hommes" is classy, stylish, attractive in his own unique right and a badass motherfucker. Though he is not a douchebag, and is in fact a very nice, humble, polite and generous man. He must dislike money and realise it's evil, yet be abundant in it through cunning and karma. After all, what you give is what you get return. The true hommes blows money on awesome shit, and still goes home to find that he can wipe his ass with a 50 dollar bill. But he doesn't because that's not really hommes.
A very rare man indeed.

Also used to describe something that would belong to a hommes or within its criteria.
"Dude... that is so hommes"

"Hey hommes. whats goin on"

"Oh sorry hommes didn't see you were in the middle of a blowjay"
by hommes August 20, 2009
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Another way of saying homosexual in the Costessey region of Norwich.
Me - Your a homme!

You - Plx, i r no bummer :(
by Ulphy September 08, 2006
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