Generally refer to one who attends a charismatic church service. In which places a great amount of importance on the Holy Spirit.
This person tends to be a very devout Christian and during church service, maybe become influenced heavily by the Holy Spirit. Therefore consequently dropping on the floor and rolling "in the Spirit"
Hence where the term was coined, Holy Roller. Also generally is a derogatory term.
"I went to that Pentecostal church down the road, and they're just a bunch of Holy Rollers.
by Shea S November 12, 2006
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A person that is heavily relgious, listens to contemporary christian music, and has a "holier then thou" attitude.
Jeff is a holy roller because he thinks he is better then everyone else.
by Teknomancer February 3, 2006
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n. A devout Christian who oppresses others' beliefs under the condition that those beliefs are inconsistant with the oppressor's. See also psychotic neofacist bitch.
Gary's mom is a fucking holy roller.
by blueduck577 May 16, 2004
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A joint rolled out of paper torn from the Christian bible
Dude, this hotel has a free bible. Feel like a holy roller?
by twoThumbsThisGuy September 8, 2006
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Holy Roller was a derogatory expression for the classical Pentecostals who believed in dancing for joy with the Holy Spirit. The people who made up the expression were just rumor mongers who actually believed that Pentecostals actually rolled in the floor until they got holy. Some people misspell "Pentecostal" as Pentacostal.
If he is a Jesus Believing Pentecostal, he must also be a holy roller.
by TulseyJoe November 4, 2005
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Like High roller this person is a rich, affluent Evangelist who makes his/her money though ridiculous Christian TV shows
That Jimmy Swaggart is a true holy roller
by seniorsick March 13, 2005
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a religious person, usually white and from orange county. listens to christian rock on the TBN
by dirTsamoan July 7, 2003
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