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We have all heard the term piecemeal but when it applies to a person's job, it can be incredibly demeaning and frustrating. When a full-time employee shows up for work five days a week, but has no regular job it can be detrimental to their mental health and wellbeing. Sitting at a desk waiting for a manager to assign an individual task each an every day all day long can be stressful. Regular work should be assigned to an employee so that when they begin their day they have regular tasks to do that are theirs and theirs alone. A new employee's work can be checked by a manager once the job is completed to ensure quality is maintained. However, if an employee comes into work and has no assignment it can be difficult to retain good help over time. For optimal work relations as well as performance, each employee entering a job site should know what is expected on them on a daily basis and the workflow will then be processed whether or not a manager is present.
Being given piecemeal work instead of a daily job is managements way of hindering an employee's initiative.
by Every Worker April 30, 2016
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