This word is used by many in North Carolina. It originated when three yankees and one hick were walking around. They were talking about the low prices at CVS, when the hick said, "yeah, when I go there and see all them low priced products, i just go hog wild!" -and that, is how it all began. HOG WILD means to go crazy and by overcome with happiness.
Did you see that psycho?He was HOG WILD!
by austin the hick October 14, 2004
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when you are so happy when you are having intercourse or anal sex with your woman were the males penis gets a mind of its own and starts slapping the woman all over. You know for sure you have gone hog wild when your slapping your ladyfriend with your penis and she says, "STOP SLAPPING ME WITH YOUR HOG!" and the male responds, "I CAN'T I'VE GONE HOG WILD!"
see definition, and when you feel a tingly feeling at the tip of your penis you know hog wild is starting.
by twocrazyhogs January 11, 2010
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