A hoebo ( syn. hobeau, hoebeau) is a male whose sexual life is synonymous to that of a homeless person. He hops from pussy to pussy, (shelter to shelter) never knowing where he will lay his head the following night.

Usually reckless in behavior and carnal by nature with little regard for the mess he makes. ex: Male cheaters fall into this category of promiscuous men.
Sis Adam cheated? Wow didn't know he was a hoebo.

Can't turn a hoebo to a husband!
by Rose Golden September 25, 2017
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A female who doesn't take personal hygiene too seriously. Symtoms include stinking ass breath, dirty stinkin snatch, prickly leg hairs, things of that nature.
Angela is pretty cute, but damn she's definitley fit for the hoebo category, her breath makes me think she has a tooth brush phobia.
by suicide assistant March 07, 2007
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A girl that looks trashy as fuck but every guy is still willing to smash
God, Cassandra is such a Fucking hoebo
by Bitchscout May 27, 2016
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