When an individual does something to another person that is wrong, unjustified, or an injustice.

A person tries to "pull one over you" or uses you for their own gain.
Guy A: That chick pretended that she was in to me, flirting with me, texting me. When all she really wanted was help on her damn essay. And she got a better grade than me!

Guy B: Damn, she hoe'd you!!
by playahata08 June 26, 2010
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Killing off Rengoku because "plot," is a thing.
You will die!

You will really die, Kyojuro!

Become a demon!

Say you are going to be a demon!

You are one of the chosen strong ones!



Hence getting hoe'd
by Yeetness P.H.D. February 28, 2022
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When someone's using you and, you don't realize before it's too late.
by SlattWood September 9, 2019
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the act of being hoeish/hoelike/;having the style of a hoe; being or acting like a hoe or in a hoeish manner
damn look at that girl wearing that miniskirt with her ass hangin out the back...shes straight HOE'D OUT!!!
by d-walsh December 25, 2008
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