perfection; can also be used to describe someone who is gorgeously awesome to be real
what a beautiful art! this is what you call Rengoku!
by psyyk October 13, 2020
the hottest man on earth (pun intended)
like i wish he would step on me i love him sm
Rengoku is so fuckin' hot bro
by Rengoku_Simp May 10, 2021
One of the best characters in Demon Slayer/kny, he is very kind and willing to sacrifice his lives for others and constantly risks it slaying demons. He is the flame pillar and I love him so much- uh I mean he's pretty popular and people seem to like him

10/10 best flame boi
Person 1: Who's that amaizng character again?

Person 2: Oh that's Rengoku
by Jdjfjehdjdn February 4, 2021
An amazing human being from the anime "Demon Slayer" that needed a happy ending.
Random: Do you know who Rengoku is?
Random 2: Yes, from Demon Slayer right?
Random: Yeah, he deserved better

*crying intensified*
by chuu. December 27, 2022
He’s a fucking king I love him he’s a mf star Rengoku is REAL
by Rat king May 21, 2021
A man who was donuted by a basketball headed demon.

He could have done so much more .

His father Shinjuro is a coward.

Rengoku is the definition of daddy.
“oh he’s such a rengoku

that person got rengoku’d”
by Rengoku’s cum sack November 4, 2020
Hot, sexy, big, tall man with mfing big ass fish eyes
Person 1: what's your opinion about rengoku?

Person2: I'd fuck him
Person1: purr
by June 29, 2021