Marlon is the most amazing person you’ll ever meet. He has a personality that radiates energy that reaches farther than the sun. He is undeniably attractive, but humble about it. The perfect combination. He puts effort and energy into everything he does when he cares about what he’s doing. If you go out with him, you know you’re going to have a good night. He’s passionate and comfortable. He makes you feel safe and at home. Oh, And he eats ass
Girl: my boyfriend is amazing but I wish he would eat my ass

Guy: damn... you need to get you a Marlon
by DerpDaddy February 20, 2022
Marlon is careless at times, but when he actually finds what interests him then thats when he puts his all into it. He will go after for what he wants and will hold onto it forever. Marlon never breaks a promise, he is very loyal and faithful. Always find yourself a Marlon and keep him forever.
You see that kid over there.. Marlon ?

He's fucking awesome
by jess422 March 22, 2015
Very intelligent and talented likes sports and loves to play games. Known For his creativity and his wits. Heinventive and gives great advice. He is never understood and is considered very weird. People tend to underestimate him. He trets his ladys like queens and is alwaus trying to make himself better and to make others better as well.
Wow that must be the work of Marlon its so amazong
by Cool guy 47 November 16, 2015
handsome and young dashing man which is good in bed and has a big dick. He is really good at making love and is a caring, loving young man. He is the most important and best person you will ever meet in your life.
Marlon is a beast.
by sexyperson0211 March 3, 2015
Marlon is a Smart person who will always try there best when doing something that they like,Every Marlon can easily beat everyone at video games while closing there eyes.
That Marlon is so good at that
by MAYA HEE October 29, 2019
My mannnn..
Me: “Yo what’s up Marlon” Marlon: “My mannnnnnn”
by Spooky Collin July 14, 2021
Marlon is the best friend you can ever ask for. He cares for everybody and anyone he sees. Sometimes he can do dumb stuff but he regrets it. Get yourself a Marlon that will be by you side when you need him.
Marlon is one of my bestfriends
by wasg1224 November 13, 2019