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1) shit that is just garbage / wannabe / bootleg / down right bullshit

2) anything fucked up you do to someone or someone does to you

3) c's up b's down
1) blood walk
2) your best friend fuckin your mom - hoe shit.
3) you already know
by fulgore January 28, 2006
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something worse than bull shit, usually used to express extreme negative emotion
Ray: King of Diamonds

Jason: King of Spades

Jessi: Ace of Spades

Jason: "That's some hoe shit!!"

Jason has now been set
by Jessi R December 20, 2006
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An exclamation of surprise. Often exclaimed by Scottish Nerds.
"Hoe shit! My game wont work!"
by The Only Strider June 1, 2014
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A very good thing. More like an escalated way of saying "that's great"
jimmy:"I just got a high score in pac man!"
Tommy:"yo that's some hoe shit!"
by Mmayyyaufsb September 8, 2015
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Women taking what we want and dismissing what we dont want. You're whatever we say you are. We know the difference between love and lust & we are completely sexually liberated in order to please ourselves and not take from the next. Fierce, independent dope ass soul ...but most of all... We do what we WANT. Cause Boy Fuck You!
I'm on my bald headed hoe shit tonight. Somebody nappy headed son bout tuh catch this work then ima ghost his ass.
by BellaMafia March 30, 2019
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Wow keisha really sucked my niggas dick in front of my 5 yr old. That's some next level hoe shit.
by Blitzed4lyfe20 September 19, 2017
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