The above definition is partially correct. The thing where you slide on one foot and spell BLOOD with the other is just one move in Blood walking. Crip walking has a similar move except you cross out Blood after you spell it.
Anyway, Blood walking is a style of dance performed by Bloods which is similar to crippin but with no heel toe or shuffle. It sometimes involves spins and shit. Like the Crip walk has a non-gangsta relative called the clown walk, the Blood walk has a non-gangsta relative called the b-bounce. Both are sick.
He repped his set by doing the Blood walk and using his foot to spell out EASTSIDE
by skrudge January 2, 2008
A walk invented by tha bloods where u slide ur right foot and spell blood wit ur left foot.
Mike:did u blood walk yet?
Mike:Do u kno how?
Jay:Fuck u nigga(Blood Up).
by Fatboy Ray November 7, 2006