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an exclaimation shouted during sex with a ho. usually shouted before orgasm
"oh yes. suck my nuts. i'm almost there. yes. hooooooo-oooooooooohh!!!! (cums)"
by Phil January 22, 2005
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A pretty awesome phoenix-looking Fire/Flying Pokémon. It is known for making hella random appearances in the anime and for being the mascot of Pokémon Gold/HeartGold. Find it in Mahogany Town's Tin Tower.
Person 1: OMG Lugia is soooooo much cooler than Ho-Oh!!

Person 2: SHUDDUP before I go Sacred Fire on yo ass!
by Blue Mage August 23, 2009
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Hooh is a word from the language of the jellybusters,
When you make the noise "Hooh" it could mean you are slightly intrigued, confused weirded out and or turned on.
Hooh, you're so sexy.
Hooh, what?
Hoooooooooh man, so smexy
by GBTR May 20, 2011
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A female ho who doesn't tell you they have a penis until it's too late
"Dude..this A on my Calculus test is more surprising than that ho-oh I fucked last night!"
by Mr. Mrs. April 06, 2017
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