an exclaimation shouted during sex with a ho. usually shouted before orgasm
"oh yes. suck my nuts. i'm almost there. yes. hooooooo-oooooooooohh!!!! (cums)"
by Phil January 22, 2005
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A pretty awesome phoenix-looking Fire/Flying Pokémon. It is known for making hella random appearances in the anime and for being the mascot of Pokémon Gold/HeartGold. Find it in Mahogany Town's Tin Tower.
Person 1: OMG Lugia is soooooo much cooler than Ho-Oh!!

Person 2: SHUDDUP before I go Sacred Fire on yo ass!
by Blue Mage August 23, 2009
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A female ho who doesn't tell you they have a penis until it's too late
"Dude..this A on my Calculus test is more surprising than that ho-oh I fucked last night!"
by Mr. Mrs. April 06, 2017
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