This technique is a form of fingering a woman's vagina. A man or woman must make the boy scout sign with their index and middle finger, and then insert these fingers into another woman's vagina, palm up. As the the fingerer withdraws the fingers, they must curl them up, as if you were beckoning to someone to "come hither", rubbing the G spot. When combined with oral sex techniques, namely licking of the clitoris, this can be very stimulating.
"Oh, yes, keep licking me . . . oh, god, come hither me too!"
by Gar-bear July 11, 2006
the act of sticking your index finger up a female/male's bottom and bending your finger in the motion of calling somebody over.
Bro, i hooked up with this skank last night and i gave her the ol' come hither.
by OpieTaylor February 27, 2011
To finger a vagina in a "come hither" motion.
Michael come-hithered me last night and finally hit my g-spot!
by PrincessWatkins September 20, 2017
Dullest borough of London, sandwiched between chavs and central london rejects.

Where people who think they're cool live, when in actual fact it's barely the City and far from the good life of the country.

Home of the largest ever Naan that was baked - at the Bengal Brasserie Curry House

The Driving Standards Agency runs a driving test centre located in Hither Green - one of the largest in South London - where over 1,000 candidates are tested each month

Full of dull people
Hither Green is boring
by tafkap May 19, 2009
the look a girl gives you when she's down to fuck.
I didn't think Becca was digging me, but she was giving me the come-hither glance when I was in the same room as her.
by Robert Trainer December 8, 2008
as in to be great excellect pimp tight if you will to be some crazy shit
im not to sure i think i heard anthrax say on the bevis and butthead expericnce
by M D To The MutherFuckin MC December 19, 2004