n. A uniquely annoying breed of hipster that is particularly skilled at ruining culture. Found in cool cities like Austin, the hipster douche takes self-irony and uselessness to a whole new level. Often seen wearing a flip brim cap and plaid, the hipster douche may pass judgment on (or ignore) anything under the sun with absolutely no knowledge of it. One may not, however, criticize him.

Hipster 1: Hey, here comes Wyatt!

Hipster 2: Wait, he just walked right past us… what a hipster douche!
by Mr. Busby January 07, 2009
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a $200 tight jeans wearing, Vintage Nike dunks loving Dork, who only listens to Vice magazine approved "underground" bands that he's told to think is cool. A hipster douche can often times be found wearing his little sisters T-shirts and watching DVD's of The O.C, cause its "IRONIC" (Also known as an HD)
(GUY) - so what are you up to this weekend

(HD) - uuuggghhh, well i just picked up the season 3 box set of the O.C. , so I'll probably watch that with my girl, than check out the catpower show, theyre awesome!

(GUY) - Oh catpower?, what do they sound like

(HD) - don't know never heard them but they got a 7 out of 10 in VIce

(GUY)- Man, what a hipster douche
by Alec sparx December 10, 2006
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n. One of the many sub-genres of hipster, characterized by a smug demeanor and better than average looks, i.e. he resembles a woman. Is very popular with hipster women because of his thinness and lack of body hair. Has unusually broad shoulders for a 6 foot tall male who weighs 120 pounds.
That hipster douche totally cock blocked me. I just have no game with hipster women.
by Camp Lickalotta March 11, 2008
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One who is not only a {hipster} but a douche as well. Likes to go to (Misshapes) parties, or whatever social area where there are hipster douches like him. Preferably tries to get to these parties before open bar ends, but if he misses the open bar it still ok because he can always drink the beers he snuck into the (club). Also has tendency to wear tight ass shirts with suspenders. Likes to also say "{qual}" alot. If someone asks a hipster (douche) a question, they usually begin their answer with "ughhh".
Person :"Hey Al where did you get those suspenders"

Hipster Douche: "Ugh, like why would you care, you could never pull it off anyway. Did open bar end?"
by hq3000 December 07, 2006
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A member of the douchebag family in the subculture class 'Hipster'. A Hipster Douche is typically found at fan conventions, tattoo conventions and weirdy bars in major metro areas. Like standard douchbags the Hipster douche maintains several cookie cutter tattoos on their arms chest or legs. Hispter Doucebags commonly wear dark colors, punker apparel, biker apparel, fake rim glasses, black kangol or army cap hats, chains and studs on clothing.

Sometimes found in the company of ameture porn stars in the "alt" porn industry.

Hobby and social interests of the Hipster douche seem to be made up of rock porn, adult swim cartoons, altporn, fan cons, ameture burlesque shows, motorcycles, and 50's era urban art revivalism as these represent aspects that attract certain social classes the Hipster douche desires to be part of.

Hipster douchebags represent a crossover of traditional douchebaggery to sectors of the subculture in the areas of hipsters, punkers, bikers and retro subculture revivalism.
As traditional douchebags are finding it hard to remain in just one area of culture.

Some aspects of the hipster douchebag that are alike to all douchebags:

1. Inherited wealth

2. exploitation or over steriotypical representation of the cultural framework they are emulating rather than honest expressions of self.

3. Heavy drinking

4. Sexism

The most common examples of Hipster Douches in the United States can be found in Philadelphia, PA, Manchester, NH and Los Angelis, CA.
Graham is such a Hipster Douche.
by Mr. SnowmanPants April 19, 2011
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A Hipster (or group of hipsters) who claim to be original and have invented their own style, yet steal off of other subcultures' styles and/or invading those other subcultures' venues. A Hipster won't actually go into a club to dance or enjoy the music, but to stand around and critique the venue and the patrons with their friends.
Goth Hipster, Punk Hipster, Metalhead Hipster, Mod Hipster, New Wave Hipster, Death Metal Hipster, Country Hipster, and many more.

"Why are those Hipster Douches here at a Goth club!? They're not even doing anything! They're just standing on the dance floor with their drinks, blocking much of the dance space, but not doing anything except talking to each other! Annoying hipsters!"
by DJ Argus December 05, 2012
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A hipster who takes his Salvation Army shopping way too seriously. A hipster douche will claim to know all about "underground" bands, yet when you ask him to name his favorite song from said band, he'll reply he likes all of them, when really he's just hiding the fact that he doesn't even know the band in the first place. A hipster douche takes everything you love about hipsters and turns it around to give a bad name to hipsters everywhere.
Hipster Douche: Yeah, like, I was listening to Reptar the other day and they're just so chill. I love their music, they know what they're doing.
Real Hipster: What's you're favorite song by them?
Hipster Douche: (pause) Well... I really like all of them, you know?

Real Hipster: Right. Likely story. Nice outfit, by the way (sarcastically)
Hipster Douche: Thanks, man, Salvation Army and Goodwill. I found the shoes in a dumpster, can you believe that?
Real Hipster: Yes, yes I can.
by hipstertruth November 27, 2011
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