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to punch or hit someone as a result of the person upsetting you
He's so annoying! I'm about to steal off on him!
by Dan August 19, 2003
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To give the first punch. Where the person did not expect it, or where they did expect it but it was to fast for them to react.

to suprise someone with a blow to the face.

to steal the first blow in a fight hence steal off, since normally people "square up" in a fight so you punch them before they square up.
He was talking to my girl so i had to steal off on him.
by icecreamman33 May 30, 2009
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To discreetly sneak away with the hopes of going unnoticed.
Darren was supposed to be manning the fire station emergency phones all night, but around 7 he decided to steal off for an hour or so to catch the 2-for-1 happy hour lapdance special at the Boom-Boom Room.
by Nicholas D November 23, 2007
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steal off means 2 go crazie
boy says: ur names mary rite girl says: no ma name is fuckin jane wdf is wrong wit chu

boy says: aye srry u don't hav 2 steal off nd shit
by sha sha bby August 30, 2009
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