A beautiful person with a great personality. Funny and fun to have around. Likes to have fun but can be serious when she needs to. Can be random and makes me people laugh.
Your life would be so different with Angelis in it.
by KhalifaMan69 May 17, 2015
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Multiple knife wielding, trench coat clad human. Known to snap and destroy walls, chairs or other solid objects for no known reason. Prefers bladed weapons to firearms, but can handle most civilian firearms quite well.
Last time Sam pissed me off I went Angelis on his brillo-headed ass.
by jbw003 March 5, 2010
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Angely is a beautiful, kind, independent, down to earth, and loving girl. She always has your back even when you didn't have hers. She understands people and never judges people by their cover. She has a cute smile that will light up anyone's day. She is a mature, weird and sociably awkward human being. She is a smart girl, yet to learn much more. She has a crazy and goofy personality which adds to her friendliness. She might have a bit of an attitude but its bearable.

Loves the company of mostly guys instead of girls due to all the drama that girls have. loves to have a good time. Tends to be more of the outdoors type. Loves the beach. Artistic. Goes after whatever she wants. Sometimes loves to stay indoors and watch YouTube and other times loves to go out and party with friends. A lot of people know her name but she keeps her circle small. She has many stories to go along with her name.
"yo, do you have Angely on snap"

"yea bro, her stories are mad funny and shes so pretty "
Angely is always having a good time damn

I wish i had a friend like Angely
by mariema12 April 6, 2019
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Angely has a beautiful soul and is super Bhad. She’s a RABGAFBAN . She’s laid back & out the mix. She doesn’t care about drama or competition. People claim she has lots of hoes but in reality she doesn’t because she prefers to stay for herself. She also has the best glow up
Damn who’s that?
Oh that’s angely
Damn she bhad af, put me on w her
by davefromthegrave May 13, 2019
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Ange is a bewitching sweetheart that lights up the room, every time you set your eyes upon her, serotonin sparks form in your body. She is the icon, she's everything you ever wanted and more. She's everyone's dream girl. She's the sweetest girl you'll ever find, every single cell in her body is filled with knowledge. She's absolutely amazing at everything, even if she doesn't try. You will crave her everyday as soon as you meet her. She's an amazing friend and an amazing girlfriend. When she bakes for you, it's a love you've never felt before. Her nerdiness is adorable and she's so entertaining to annoy. Her voice is like a lullaby, music to your ears. Her every move is flawless. She's an admirable idol, everything she does is so enticing. Her laugh is intoxicating, her smile is so contagious. You want to spend every second with her. She makes you feel something you've never felt before. It's addicting. She's perfect.
Person 1: Who is Ange?
Person 1: Ange is the goddess of my dreams.
by crustymusty June 17, 2021
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Just the greatest person alive tbh. Blessing to anyone who has met her and a privilege to be around on a daily basis.
i saw ange today and my day was 10 times better.
by Cooopsy July 7, 2018
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