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A beautiful person with a great personality. Funny and fun to have around. Likes to have fun but can be serious when she needs to. Can be random and makes me people laugh.
Your life would be so different with Angelis in it.
by KhalifaMan69 May 18, 2015
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Multiple knife wielding, trench coat clad human. Known to snap and destroy walls, chairs or other solid objects for no known reason. Prefers bladed weapons to firearms, but can handle most civilian firearms quite well.
Last time Sam pissed me off I went Angelis on his brillo-headed ass.
by jbw003 March 05, 2010
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Angelis is a sexy beautiful girl that is thick and has a lot of personalities that will attract lots of men and boys also she is a big freak Angelis would be a deep freak for you if you tell her to. She is a hard person to get. She's thick as hell and once you see her you would fall in a deep love for her she's an angel that fell from heaven. She's the best person to have sex with so once you get her... you better keep her
Angelis has a Huge booty that is so phat
by Angeli November 21, 2017
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