1 definition by hq3000

One who is not only a {hipster} but a douche as well. Likes to go to (Misshapes) parties, or whatever social area where there are hipster douches like him. Preferably tries to get to these parties before open bar ends, but if he misses the open bar it still ok because he can always drink the beers he snuck into the (club). Also has tendency to wear tight ass shirts with suspenders. Likes to also say "{qual}" alot. If someone asks a hipster (douche) a question, they usually begin their answer with "ughhh".
Person :"Hey Al where did you get those suspenders"

Hipster Douche: "Ugh, like why would you care, you could never pull it off anyway. Did open bar end?"
by hq3000 December 07, 2006
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