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A beautiful girl of the hippie variety that typically frequents Allman Bros. shows and the occasional Phish show who freely bares all with no regard to her surroundings preferrably small tootsies and a halter top and free flowing nature print skirt.
Hey man check out that hiplet over there playing her vagina like a harpsichord to the tune of Soulshine at the Allman Bros show.
by DosedinDenmark March 07, 2009
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refers to a group of three hipsters living in Los Angeles who operate an underground prostitution business, catering to the profoundly old and slow. their menu of options for clients is rumored to be Hemingway-esque in length and style and includes acts such as the "Gassy Turtle" and the "Naughty Nub Rub".

In addition to their specialization in geriatric pleasure, the Hiplets are also a singing group. they sing bizarre and unnecessary a capella arrangements of R&B songs, and they are always ALWAYS drunk. whiskey drunk. They drink George Dickel Tennessee whiskey.

the hiplets are in the employment of Whiskey Houston. Whiskey is their mentor, their muse, their pimp, and their manager. She is the boss, and they do as she says.
"Childbirth was very painful and long because she was birthing Hiplets."
by i'msoscared October 10, 2011
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The lateral protrusions of a girl's hips that are out of proportion with her legs and ass. In particular, these features are obvious in tight jeans or a G-string.
No, I mean the stripper with the flat ass and those hiplets rubbing together as she stumbled around in those stilettos.
by P-kiddy January 12, 2010
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(N) pronounced, "hip-lit." Definition, A little or youth hipster, commonly seen with long bangs combed to one side of the face, wearing oversized neon color shoes with the toungs sticking out, half zipped jackets, XXXS pants, riding fixed gears. tends to be a nuisance in crowded places.
That hiplet is not big enough to ride that fixie just yet.
by skin.flute January 04, 2010
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the keychain held by a carbiner clip hanging from the belt loop. Mostly worn by scene bands. Fake ones are not accepted.
Yo dude, I love your hiplet.
by RoseIsDipset May 05, 2009
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