underground bands that are NOT screamo or screeching but an alternative rockish indie popish sound. some are acoustic and some aren't. it really varies within the band itself.

theyre are many types of scene. some are grunge, goth, punk, emo, and the typical "scene kid."

scene kids dress in a unique way. they like fun things like bold colors and just try to be different and stand out. they don't wanna be the normal abercrombie preppy girl. they have lots of confidence most of the time. they can be really nice or mean, depending on the person.
honestly, its not nice to label someone something because of how the act or dress. its just people who like certain things.
ex- scene bands: something corporate. just one example.
by 123annoymous456 December 4, 2008
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Scene bands usually have a little bit of screaming along with a pop or techno like background.. Some good scene bands are

Hollywood Undead
Attack Attack!
Forever The Sickest Kids
Mayday Parade
Norma Jean
Peirce The Veil
We Butter The Bread With Butter
I hope you got the information you needed from my post this is everything I have herd about scene bands I have quite a few more on my ipod but I got all this information from real scene kids. Usually they are really colorfull and branch off of emo kids.
by xXRawrRoxasXxHxC December 1, 2009
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Basically the bands that really piss me off..

THERE APPEARANCE:they look like complete idiots they all wear tight clothes and look like little clones i dont know whats with the scarfs either.its all highly feminine and makes them look really really homsexual.

THEY THINK:there ultra cool and evreyone fancys them and there the next best thing.ie ARROGANT

THE GIRLS:are up there arse i must be the only one i know who isnt.

EVOLVED:they evolved from emo the cool rend before emo sucked but scene kids are the worst.

HOBBIES:pretending to love art,reading books,pretending there hard done to,and if there no good at music they will do art as a subject.

STYLE OF MUSIC: usually envolves screeching(run over cat type liek a girl) not roaring system of a down,slipknot type.not that im a fan.

sorry about the bad spelling.
by Bevelee June 3, 2005
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There are two main types of scene bands,
one is of talent, and I'm not going to cover them.

The other type is the talentless mix of beats from old fifty cent songs with added sound effects from their macbook combined with annoying cocky lyrics from homosexual sounding voices that go back and forth between rapping and screamo

Most of these people were discovered on Myspace and are "totally original", which is supposedly why scene kids go crazy for them.

Usually, they dress like they've just picked up everything in an 80s thrift store, have a million piercings in places you didn't know they pierced, and have the ideal "scene hair"
a scene band is:
Jeffree Star
Dot Dot Curve :)
The Medic Droid
I Set My Friends On Fire
and pretty much everything on the Warped Tour list.
by loulou brutal January 17, 2009
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A band that many scene people listen to.

A band that has been defined as a good band with enjoyable lyrics and a unique sound. Fall Out Boy was originally a scene band until it became mainstream. Panic! At The Disco is an awesome scene band that is starting to become mainstream.
Panic! At The Disco is a great example of a scene band.
by JustMeg May 27, 2006
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a band that has like five words in its name and sings about everything(but mostly they sing "emo")
"drowning in a river of my own blood sweat and tears"(not a real scene band)
by josh April 29, 2005
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Scene Band mostly know as "Emo" Band = Panic! at the disco
the point is, panic! at the disco and that stuff they call emo are not emo at all!!!

EMO DEFINITION = EMOTIONAL HARDCORE- first appearence: in 1984 Rites of Spring and HARDCORE band started to play emotional lyrics and they are for lots of people the first Emo Band!
Scene Bands=MALL EMO= Panic! at the Disco; Fall out Boy; My Chemical Romance; The Used; etc...

EMOTIONAL HARDCORE (EMO) bands= Alessana; A case of Grenade; Circle Takes The Square; City of Caterpillar; Orchid; Amanda Woodward; Kerosene 454; RITES OF SPRING; etc...

so please don't use the word EMO for SCENE BANDS WHICH IS A TYPE OF MUSIC WHICH DOESNT EXIST... but you can call it, POP-ROCK
by Gustav Peixe June 29, 2006
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