In Scotland: a little bit unwell, out of sorts, under the weather.
You know, when you just feel a bit, well, hingy. Toddlers get hingy at the end of a long, exciting day. Adults get a bit hingy when the pollen count sky rockets. -- Susan Morrison, "No cure for hinginess" in The Scotsman
by Vasha June 08, 2010
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means pretty and beautiful and what not.... and the opposite to the above deffinition... because that is not correct...
Look at that pretty lady, she is well hingy what?
by Nobby Jr. February 22, 2007
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Hingy means "stinky". The word refers to the Asian Indian "hing" which is a very aromatic spice with an earthy and garlic sort of fragrance. The spice is also known as Asafoetida or Devil's Dung.
He hadn't bathed in a week and was very hingy.
by Gregory V. Richardson April 09, 2004
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