An altered state of conciousness resulting from the ingestion of various substances. Also, shit that is taller than you and you have to look up to see it (like a kite).
Whoa dude! I'm high as a fucking kite!
by numerator May 02, 2005
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a good feeling, to be uplifted. in my cases,

1) musically
2) spiritually
I'm on that musical/spiritual high right now. I feel like nothing else matters.
by musicdrugged March 08, 2008
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A completely elevated state of consciousness. The mind will be free to explore hidden depths within itself. Some senses may feel heightened, while some may be dulled. 
The muscles in one's body may relax, or contract and twitch. One may experience either a floating sensation or extreme heaviness (Couch Potato Syndrom.) 
Most people experience what's referred to as The Munchies. Eating becomes an exotic experience, and many people become culinary pioneers, exploring new and strange food combinations.
Beware: Eating often dulls the high. 
For some, the sense of smell is dulled. One's vision may blur and the eyes become glossy and red. Tip: Use Visine. 
Sounds may become distorted in various ways. Music is heard differently and may seem immersive, as though one can "feel" it. Tip: Experiment with new, different types of music. One can achieve a meditative state of mind through ambient sound
Most novice marijuana smokers experience what's known as The Giggles. Simple things may cause a person to fall into uncontrollable laughter. This effect is generally harder to achieve once a person has been smoking regularly for a long period.
Some people may also experience a feeling of paranoia. This usually doesn't last long, and may only occur when using a specific type of marijuana. Different types, or strains of marijuana will have different effects on a person. Being high takes on a new meaning to every person, and with each new experience.
When you are high, your mind will reveal you to yourself.
by Jyndaru July 09, 2012
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"Dave liked how he felt when he was high"
by kim October 16, 2003
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mild euphoric intoxicatoin caused by sufficating the brain by things like paint, gas, glue, or more powerfully thc found on marijuana buds.
wow most the poeple on urbandictionary have never been high. you never "see colors". you pussy. maybe when your tripping... jesus.. and wasted is drunk, not blazed
by Holmes September 03, 2004
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when you get messed and in a different state of mind up after smoking some
"dude we got so wasted last night"
by Ginevra February 10, 2003
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1- slang term for the feeling experienced when doing drugs
2- being at an extreme altitude
3- opposite of low
4- slang term for being happy
1- Shaniqua: Did you see Tony doing that crack?
Tanya: Yeah, homie was high!

2- Shaniqua: So, you comin' to six flags with the gang?
Tanya: Yeah, but I ain't ridin' coasters. I'm afraid
of being high.

3- Shaniqua: The coasters aren't that high.
Tanya: They go 100 feet in the air!

4- Shaniqua: Tamika is going with her new boyfriend J-dawg.
Tanya: Snap! That girl must be high!
by Your Momma's Momma October 14, 2005
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