high & tight is a circumscision method that surgeons use when they cut off completely the entire foreskin and frenulum of a guy's dick, and the circumcision scar is about 1/4 to 1/2 of the way down the shaft of the little dude's dick, leaving the guy's dick skin tight.
My roomie , Matt, is cut high & tight, as am I!
by USAF Cadet October 29, 2020
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high & tight is how some cadets (like me) are circumcised.
My cadet roomie is circumcised and cut high & tight like me!
by USAF Cadet October 21, 2020
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A military style haircut where the sides are cut extremely short. The hair on top is usually cut just a little longer. Sometimes the hair between the sides and top is faded sometimes not.
When I turned blue at the end of basic training I had a high and tight.
by jjflash July 27, 2005
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A term used to describe a particular circumcision style where most of the inner skin is left intact, and mostly outer skin removed. This results in a circumcision scar that is farther up the shaft of the penis (closer to the body), and more sensitive inner skin being left. This is referred to as "high," tight refers to the circumcision having removed most of the skin so that after the procedure there is no skin covering the penis glan and when erect does not move over the glan.
I went to urologist and asked him to cut me high and tight.
by endymionspilos December 9, 2006
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Right before you cum, the muscles in your groin pull your balls up for the Money shot.
"He's about to cum!"
"How can you tell?"
"Look, his balls are High and Tight!!"
by DrMarten March 2, 2004
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Name for a bad haircut in which sideburns are shaved completely off.
Check out the high and tight on that guy
by Huge nigerian January 27, 2006
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The high and tight higgins is a variation of the high and tight haircut common in the military. It was developed during the gulf war, and found it's way into society shorly afterwards.

The high and tight higgins is a haircut in a mans pubic region. The high and tight variation is when a man cuts his own hair and leaves random patches of hair around his balls and anus.
Man looks like you need to invest in a mirror, you got a high and tight higgins all over your balls.
by higgins January 20, 2005
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