The best picture of a series, often chosen to represent the whole series.
A - Hey look at this pictures I took while that guy was being shot with a shotgun!
B - Yeah, this one where his head explodes should be the hero shot!

by Camillo Miller March 7, 2008
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A shot of a thing or person with framing, composition, lighting and setting intended to make it look as good as possible.
A hero shot of the product was made by placing it on a pedestal and lighting it to produce a halo effect.
by pz July 24, 2012
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1. In action-adventure movies, the hero shot is usually either the first appearance of the hero or early in the film, when, using dramatic cinematography, the hero is shown front and center in full costume.

2. A candid picture of a person at their most typical. A shot of someone, often in the prime of their life, that sums up who that person was.
"Ok, Harrison, when you come around the corner with the torch, turn and stare straight ahead for a few seconds. That's our hero shot."
by Howie Roark March 4, 2009
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When a man puts a line of hot sauce on one hand and a line of salt on the other, then snorts them both simultaneously with both nostrils. He then takes a shot of everclear, and squeezes a lime and a lemon into each eye. If you can do it without vomiting, you are a hero.
John: Hey guys! Watch this!
-does a hero shot-

Everyone dies laughing.
by RaveNinja July 27, 2010
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This occurs in basketball when a player decides to make a momentum changing shot. Usually does not run the offense but instead chucks up a 3 or a bad shot in attempt to score quickly.
Guy 1: Dude, did you see Lebron throw up that fade away 3 pointer with 12 secs still on the shot clock?

Guy 2: Just one of many of his hero shots.
by Miami Sucks15 June 3, 2011
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Doing a shot of vodka, then whisky or rum, then jager, and then chugging an entire can of beer.

The idea is a clear liquer, then a medium one, then a dark one, then a beer. If you can make that happen you have yourself a hero shot.
Partygoer 1: Dude lets get shit faced quick.
Partygoer 2: Yeah, i'll set us up each a hero shot and will be toasted in no time.
by An anonymous drinker March 18, 2009
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