When A Man Fucks The Shit Out A Girl
Pudding Scored A 3 Pointer On A Dog Last Nite
by Shizz Matic August 19, 2006
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The 3 pointer is a sexual maneuver which you start by fucking the chick in her juicy cunt then u pull out and stick it in her tight ass, then to pull out again and blow all over her big titties
Im gonna go home and do the 3 pointer on my girlfriend
by Slam dunk me October 10, 2020
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someone who knows their Jesus even when they ballin on the court
man look at him being a 3 pointer jesus!
by AyyyePappi101 August 3, 2017
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When you cum and it lands in your bellybutton.
Bro, I made a 3-Pointer last night after watching some porn!
by Caboose123 June 19, 2020
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The guy stands an (unspecified) distance from the girl and she opens an orifice of choice ( mouth, anus, vagina) and the guy jerks off and tries to hit said orifice while video taping and sends to his buddies
"Dude, did you see the 3 pointer I gave that girl last night?"
by Justme9858 August 23, 2019
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