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many peoples main source of hentai

unfortunately it is no longer with us

nobody knows why it was taken down, It just happened
you: i think now's a good time to watch hentaihaven
google: yeah.. well about that..
by subtopewds December 20, 2018
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Was great! Until it shut down...
Me: Man i really want some good hentai. (Goes on the internet and searches

Computer: Sorry the Url you have typed no longer exists or is active, i suggest you take a gun and end your miserable life :)
by The Real Joke December 20, 2018
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THIS IS THE BEST HENTAI WEBSITE OF THE INTERNET IF YOU EVER COME ACROSS ON so let’s get this straight THIS IS LITERALLY HEAVEN RIGHT HERE 10 out of 10 the best anime porn website you’ll ever come across / 10/10 best anime girls with big boobs and big ass and all the good stuff also they have a genre to pick out about what you like example big boobs, orgy, school girls then all the good stuffs come in but there’s more.
So it’s story time a true story me and hentai haven so I was searching through x video to find anime but there wasn’t any good anime porn so fuck then I jeck off to it then the next day I told my friend there isn’t any good anime porn / friend: how about you go on hentai haven / then I ask what the fuck is hentai haven / friend: a very good hentai porn website you should watch when you get home / me ok / night time I was searching on google hentai haven then I click in my eyes open wide then I realize this is heaven right here and I hook on it and it’s the best thing I seen in my whole life the end.
by slayer_of_dank March 22, 2018
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a wonderful show for children under the age of 12
Dave: Hey Becky last night i showed the kids HentaiHaven and they loved it
by lildicknega January 24, 2018
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