most awesome name ever, much better than henwood or bender
you're such a helms! AWESOME
by ML Helms January 28, 2009
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Helming - (verb) The act of working the top of ones head into a vagina. When complete the owner of said vagina sits atop the head like a helmet.
Naomi is such a connoisseur of fetishes, she literally sets sexual trends. Right now she's enthused by helming and docking. It's so South Eastern European.
by BrianSpastic March 05, 2010
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The act of shoving one's head up the anus of a man. This requires either surgical modification of the sphincter or EXTREME anal training with buttplugs. I honestly cant imagine this being possible, but there's some fuctup people out there and I'm sure its been done by somone.
Tired of rodents and peni, Richard Gere decided to finaly allow Jacko to savagely stretch his ass with a series of huge buttplugs and within a week of teribla anal torture he was ready to be HELMED, to take the greasy pale head deep in his anus.
by guilty_spork December 05, 2004
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helm is short for helmet, which is the purple head on a males reproductive organ which is similar to a medival helmet of yore
A) Do not be a helm sir, give me back my lunch money.
B) His helm smells of chedder
C) And I slapped her face with my helm, like so
by Dictionary Boy March 10, 2005
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1. Someone who shreds guitar, playing mostly 80's metal riffs.
Also, a 'Helm' can be a person that acts years younger than their actual age, often gaining satisfaction from pranking people.
1. Did you see that guy shredding on that flying V in Guitar Center? He was such a Helm!

2. Dammit! Someone soaped the falls again. It was probably Helm.
by OwenOwenOwen March 04, 2009
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Feeling embarassed, humiliated, belittled, criticized, scrutinized and cut down to the size of absolutely nothing due to the actions of another person.
An example of being helmed is when someone, possibly a co-worker, goes above and beyond to make you and everyone else aware of your mistakes or mishaps.
by Tired of being Helmed March 24, 2011
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