Heightist is a word for a person who makes fun or talks about someone's height.
Person 1: Do you see how short she is??
Person 2: Yeah, she is basically a midget!
Girl: Hey, stop being heightist!!!
Person 1: What is "heightist"? *chuckles*
Girl: It's you, making fun of my height! *puts hands into fists*
Person 1&2: OKAY, WE WILL STOP!
by Zany Girl May 23, 2016
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Someone over 5’8” that loomingly looks down upon small hats and dumpster pumpers.
That heightist was glaring at Joe Rogan when he caught Joe trying to get a quick dumpster pump in with Redban.
by J Clayton Bearsby June 9, 2019
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To make fun of one’s height. Tie shouldnt make fun of my height🥹
“Thats so heightist is it cause im 5’2”
by Umm.dw abt it May 4, 2022
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It means you discriminate against overly tall people or overly short peolple.
That girl is so heightist against that boy, like omg we all know he's short but shes so mean about it.
by vickyp.0 May 4, 2021
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A person who only dates people within a certain height range.
Skylar whined about the inherent misogyny in the "no fat chicks" bumper sticker she saw on the back of a pick-up truck, but didn't see the irony of having a 5' 11" minimum height requirement on her dating profile. She's a blatant heightist.
by cannonball967 June 16, 2022
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