a male version of a cougar. as in playboy founder, hugh hefner.
person 1 : omg. my 60 year old father is dating a 20 year old.
person 2 : does that makes them a pedophile or a cougar?
person 1 : neither. it makes him a hefner.
person 2 : LOLOL.
by hellyesimcool July 29, 2009
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Cool to it's core. Someone or something that seems to have been born under the cool star. Natural and uninhibited coolness - in a good way.

Sort of a jazz meets Buddah meets sexy kind of greatness.

When everything is just right and perfect like it couldn't be anything else.
We went to this restaurant-lounge place the other night. The food was amazing and the music was unbelievable! The whole thing was hefner, man.

by Big Slick April 13, 2006
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a group of 2 or more lesbian girls
"where did the hefners go?"
by dmhsbaby February 23, 2019
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To relax during the evening with a glass of your favorite liquer. Robe, lounge chair, pipe and firepalce add to the hefnering feel.
I"m having such a hard day I barely take it. When I get home im going have a glass of my favorite cognac and Hefnering it the rest of the evening.
by Hilmar Sigurdsson March 19, 2008
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A song created my Tana Mongeau. Released in the United States on November 6th, 2017.
Did you hear Tana Mongeaus new song Hefner? It features Bella Thorne in the music video!
by @neverbehailey November 6, 2017
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when a guy doesn't give you everything you've been asking him for in a relationship and gives it to the next girl.
Dude he totally hefnered you
by roxxystarr30 June 19, 2011
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An old predator preying on a young prey
An old bully who likes to bully younger people
Person 1:why our boss giving that young boy a hard time?
Person 2:because he’s the biggest Hefner

Person 1:huh??
Person 2:yeah he enjoys doing mean things to the youngsters
by Lrdwh1002 May 6, 2018
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