famous phrase in the dreamnotfound fan fiction “heatwaves” by tbhyourelame on ao3
“your voice sounds like fire, it burns
“i burn you”
“you melt me”
by vespidae November 26, 2020
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Its when a female is so in to you , by what someone does or what someones says , they feel their heart warm up.. Also applies to things cute kids do ...
When you sent me that text, all I want to say to you is , you melt me.
by Joefullymonty February 7, 2014
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When someone is in to you or your in to them

One of u would say "you make me melt"as in to say you like them and every time you think about them or every time they do something it makes your heart warm up
You make me melt when u give me hugs

Awe really *hugs*
by ...lit October 16, 2017
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