A player in an online multiplayer video game who contributes nothing but death to their team.

Unlike the classic "noob", a "health bar" isn't new to a particular video game nor will this player get better.

The "health bar's" playstyle is a fairly simple one.

Step 1: Run.

Step 2: Die.
Look at this fucking health bar on our team. All he does is run and die, he could at least be a medic and revive his teammates.
by Healthbar February 7, 2010
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The health bar that appeared in the sky on January 1st, 2020, labeled “Jesus.”
Holy shoot, we have to fight Jesus‽”
“Holy shoot is right.”
“Shut the frick up. I need to fully process the Jesus Health Bar situation.”
by Mr. Twinkieface January 1, 2021
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Can you say, "poo?"

Probably not if you just ate this, you will be too busy vomiting your insides out.
Myoplex CarbSense: Lemon Cheesecake
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
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john: why is there a giant health bar in the sky
other john: sub to headshot craft
other john: hey johns can you talk a little quieter? I'm trying to watch hentai
by headshotcraft December 31, 2021
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why is there a giant health bar in the sky run!
by COMMOC January 1, 2021
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A fake health bar is a staple of modern dumbed down games. Its purpuse is to trick people into thinking they were close to death, when in reality they had much health to go on. The fist couple of damage will have an higher inpact on the healthbar compared to the damage taken when the health appear to be low. While the heath-bar displays health at 50%, the reality might be that youre character has 80% health left.

It is meant to give the illusion that the game is more dificult than what it is, to make people slow down to heal before they die, or to trick people into thinking it was a fair/dificult fight.
We thing people playing our game are idiots so lets use a fake health bar.
by Truegirlgamer May 9, 2022
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