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A player in an online multiplayer video game who contributes nothing but death to their team.

Unlike the classic "noob", a "health bar" isn't new to a particular video game nor will this player get better.

The "health bar's" playstyle is a fairly simple one.

Step 1: Run.

Step 2: Die.
Look at this fucking health bar on our team. All he does is run and die, he could at least be a medic and revive his teammates.
by Healthbar February 06, 2010
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One of the finest pieces of modern art.

The perfect healthbar is 50 pixels wide and 4 pixels tall.

Advanced healthbars also have a 1 pixel outline.
1: What should I do, horizontal or vertical healthbars?
2: Horizontal of course.
1: Kk
by F17-- October 16, 2017
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